Farm to Table

Farm-to-table fresh produce from local farms used in our tasty dishes!


Here at Table at 10, we are concerned with only the freshest ingredients. We use a farm-to-table method in sourcing our produce. As such, only the freshest, best, and organic ingredients are used to create our handcrafted meals.  We pride ourselves in our relationship with our local farmers and being a sustainable, farm-to-table restaurant.

We get much of our produce from Crystal Spring Farm, a local farm located in Plainville, MA. Each week, the produce procured from the farm will change based on what is in season and available. We have also partnered up with Three Sisters at Bumble Bee Farm in Wrentham, MA as well as Farm Fresh Rhode Island, a co-op of family farms and fisheries from RI!

If you wish to learn more, please click the links below:

Crystal Spring Farm

Three Sisters at BumbleBee Farm

Farm Fresh Rhode Island